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Renadyl and Kibow Fortis -  Synbiotic Combination

Renadyl™ & Kibow Fortis® Synbiotic Combination - Add Fiber to the Mix

Kibow Fortis® supercharges Renadyl. It serves as an energy source for beneficial probiotics, helping the “good” bacteria in the gut thrive, including the probiotics found in Renadyl.  Consuming Kibow Fortis® allows Renadyl to do its job better. As probiotics multiply, they consume more nitrogenous waste, which helps effectively maintain healthy kidney function.* Kibow Fortis® helps digestion so the nitrogenous metabolites that Renadyl™ utilizes can be removed as solid waste.*

Renadyl™ 90-day Supply

Renadyl™ is a combination of unique beneficial probiotics and prebiotics that can metabolize nitrogenous wastes that diffuse from the bloodstream to the bowel due to an ailing kidney. Renadyl™ is a highly effective probiotic supplement that contains 45 billion live probiotic bacteria per capsule. Renadyl™ is 100% natural and enclosed in an acid-resistant capsule to ensure that the probiotic bacteria are not destroyed by gastric or bile acids before they are released into the bowel.

How Renadyl works - In 3 Steps

For more information on the product, please refer Renadyl™ product page. and  Renadyl™ Data Sheet (English PDF)

Kibow Fortis® Tablet 30-day Supply

Kibow Fortis® - First multifiber designed to protect multiple body systems. It is a 100% natural proprietary (multi-fiber) wellness product with a unique blend of prebiotics scientifically formulated with Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS) certified ingredients that are clinically well-documented for:

    For more information on the product, please refer:

     Kibow Fortis® product page and Kibow Fortis® Tablet Datasheet.

      *FDA Statement
      These statements have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. Results may vary.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 435 reviews
      Richard Cassidy

      I would be in trouble if I was not taking Renydl. I have a bowel problem, Fortis contols it.

      veronica j.
      excellent product

      i bought this item for my husband to help with his kidney issues and i believe that they work great, i have seen remarkable improvements in him. this is truly an excellent product

      Renadyl product

      It is a good product .


      Stan K
      it works

      I have been using Renadyl, I'm stage 4 and have been stable for 2 years

      EMIL M.

      Good results after 3 months: creatinine down from 5 to 3.8; urea down from 120 to 77; uric acid down from 9,9 to 5.85
      On 4th July the nephrology doctor advised my wife to be prepared for fistula and haemodialysis.
      On 6 November, my wife will reach 4 months of treatment with RENADYL.
      During this time from 4th July, till today there was no need for fistula and haemodialysis.
      Of course, the hypo-protein diet is essential for keeping and have good results with RENADYL

      I am going in November to place another order of another 6 vials of RENADYL.

      Thank you very much KIBOW Biotech for this miracle of nature and the human mind.!