If you’ve had good results from taking Kibow® Cardio Support, you should think about adding Kibow Fortis to your regimen. Fortis is a unique blend of functional prebiotic fibers that works in tandem with the probiotic microbes in Cardio Support to help maximize its effectiveness. This combination of prebiotic and probiotic is called a synbiotic, named for the way prebiotics and probiotics work in harmony and synergy. The probiotics in Cardio Support are perfectly happy to live within your gut, but they need to eat, too! That’s where prebiotics come in.

Fortis can help Cardio Support to support heart health because of its lactogenic properties (its ability to promote the growth of microbes of genus Lactobacillus). This means that the microbes in Cardio Support have an easier time populating the gut and helping maintain healthy cholesterol levels. In addition, the fibers in Fortis have themselves been shown to reduce cholesterol on their own, further boosting the effect of Kibow Cardio Support.

Cardio Support + Fortis is a winning combination, working together to promote heart health and maintain healthy cholesterol.