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Renadyl™ is a combination of unique beneficial probiotics and prebiotics

Renadyl™ is a combination of unique beneficial probiotics and prebiotics that can metabolize nitrogenous wastes that diffuse from the bloodstream to the bowel due to an ailing kidney. Renadyl™ is a highly effective probiotic supplement that contains 45 billion live probiotic bacteria per capsule. Renadyl™ is 100% natural and enclosed in an acid-resistant capsule to ensure that the probiotic bacteria are not destroyed by gastric or bile acids before they are released into the bowel.

For more information on the product, please refer Renadyl™ product page. and Renadyl™ Tablet Data Sheet (English PDF)

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    Customer Reviews

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    Elena Hobbs

    Renadyl really help my husband on his kidney,he's been taking it for many years

    Aida Contreras
    Rynadyl WORKS!

    I have CKD stage 2-3 became constipated, did'nd want to take prescribed meds.
    I spoke to a RD who recomended Rynadyl. What a relief!

    Hans Tenniglo
    New customer and first time user of Renadyl

    Shipment box was in good condition. However it was not cooled. Temp inside box was 75 degrees Fahrenheit! Why do I pay a fortune for this type of delivery? I sent an e-mail about this to you on May 13 but never received an answer!

    Ray Kelly

    After giving you my payment the order page picked up the wrong ship to address and so the post office throws it on the porch and the new owners fail to give it back for proper forwarding. So I really needed your product to possibly help my creatinine levels and now I will never know and am out 180.00 or so.

    We appreciate your reaching out to us regarding the incorrect shipping address, Mr. Kelly. We regret the inconvenience caused and assure you that we will be in touch with you privately to address and resolve this matter.

    Paul Fuccillo
    Product is great, price increase is not

    I’ve been buying Renadyl for over 3 years, and think it’s great. But I believe I’ve paid less.over the years, and calling you, nobody ever picks up. I may have to discontinue. Mark used to charge me less.