Kibow Biomunity™ Bundle

Biomunity™ is a synbiotic system combining two powerful gut health products from Kibow Biotech: prebiotic Kibow Fortis® and probiotic Kibow Flora™. Kibow Fortis® is a unique multifiber supplement comprised of seven functional fibers, each of which plays a different role in general/multi-system health and immune health. This blend of prebiotic functional fibers has also been shown to be more effective at promoting the growth of probiotic bacteria in the gut compared to leading brands.

In this way, Kibow Fortis® is the perfect complement to Kibow Flora™. Kibow Flora™ is a probiotic powerhouse, helping to regulate immune function, reduce inflammation, and improve digestive function/intestinal health. These two components of Biomunity™, prebiotic and probiotic, come together to create a synbiotic that works within your gut to promote wellness throughout the body and can help regulate the function of multiple body systems.

$59.95 USD